A Life of Whimsy

It began with a box of sharp-tipped crayons I received from my Mother. I spent hours at the kitchen table transforming newspaper-print coloring book pages into works of art. My color ran outside the lines, and multi-colored patterns filled my favorite animal and holiday-themed pages.

In my early 20’s I studied art and architectural history abroad where I found a world of color and design that fueled my yearning to paint. During college I painted with acrylics on canvas, producing large, vibrant abstracts and thickly textured landscapes. After college, I found less time to pursue my creative talents and put those aside for a traditional professional career, marriage, and motherhood.

It would be years until my desire to create returned. My first watercolor landscapes were muddy, and my pen drawings were frightening! Everything was out of proportion, but I kept at it, trying new techniques and working on my watercolor skills. Then I added markers and other mediums. I had found myself once again!

I sketched a series of characters and animals dressed up in whimsical outfits, detailing overcoats, pants, hats, dresses, and shoes. My folk art characters came to life. I licensed many of my designs for greeting cards, home products, needlepoint, and prints. It was an exciting time.

My mother taught me to sew, and I have fond memories of those times with her. Today, working with my sister Shawna, I apply my love of texture and color to creative sewing projects as well. We have made many a whimsical costume, colorful pillows and stuffed animals for our nieces and nephews.

The first Gnomes were created in 2014 and sold in my Rustic Spoonful Etsy shop. Today they have their very own home on Etsy at THE GNOME MAKERS.

Designing and sewing these whimsical gnomes provides so much creative satisfaction and includes everything I love to do from doodling to sketching and beyond. And to think it all started with a handful of coloring books and a box of crayons ~ and hundreds of mud pies cooking in the sun all summer long

Thanks for visiting!
~ Sharon and all the little Gnomes

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